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Join the Coventry protest against Workfare

(February 24, 2012)

Coventry protest against slave labour 

No to Workfare!

Join the 'Name and Shame' tour


Saturday 25th Feb

meet 12pm outside Tescos in City Centre

Organised by the Youth Fight for Jobs and Education campaign

Join Youth Fight for Jobs as we take you on a tour round Coventry's potential 'Workhouses'. 

Visit the Facebook page - click here
Gasp with horror and recoil in shock as we name and shame to the public and workers which retailers will be taking on JSA claiments in return for their benefit payments.

Say no to slave Labour Workfare! Fight for real Jobs!

meet by Tesco Express at Shelton Square in Coventry City Centre
            07530 429 441      

Over the past two decades youth have faced a jobs massacre. Over 1 million 18-24 year olds are unemployed. As public sector cuts starts to bite and businesses close down, the situati on can only get a lot worse.

The government does not have nor does it desire to have any soluti ons to what the vast majority of young and working class people see as a blight on society. What they actually do is use the situati on as
an opportunity to get jobs done for big businesses for free. The government proposed work programme is actually a massive
slave labour racket.

They use raving fantasies about workshy and feckless unemployed and the need to deal with the defi cit as a cover. Under the work programme young people will be forced to work for their dole. While big business will get huge bungs of over £2,000 to take JSA claimants on temporary contracts.

All this while bankers and bosses are sti llraking it in. The banks have been bailed out to the tune of over £180 billion and bankers are sti ll receiving huge bonuses. The big corporati ons are sti ll making huge profits. Like the Arcadia retail group which made £133 million profi ts last year but is
closing 250 of its high street stores, shedding thousands of jobs. We say that if a company claims that it hasn’t got enough to keep on staff then they should open the accounts and prove it!

Young people should not be forced to pay for a crisis of this rott en capitalist system with our living standards and rights. If the jobs are there that need doing, then people should get a living wage for doing
them. It will also have a huge impact on the conditi ons of existi ng staff who will be forced to look over their shoulder at JSA claimants.

Young people should not be used as fodder by a ruling class ravenous for profi ts. If businesses cannot provide jobs and decent wages and conditi on for workers then they should be nati onalised. The government should also unroll a programme of public works to provide young people
with the jobs and training that they need to get into work.


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