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Hugo Chavez dies - The struggle continues March 07, 2013
Millions of Venezuelan workers, the poor and youth will mourn the death of Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez Tony Saunois, CWI Secretary  ... [MORE]

A student midwife - what NHS cuts mean & what NHS workers face day in day out... February 25, 2013
By a Young Socialist Party member working in the NHS I’m a 1st year student midwife at an NHS trust.  I was well aware of the reali... [MORE]

Coventry: a return of the Ghost town January 22, 2013
Coventry: a return of the Ghost town  By Dan Crowter There’s a dark joke in Coventry that tells the story of the motor industry he... [MORE]

Northern Ireland: Flag issue turmoil illustrates failure of the 'peace process' January 22, 2013
Northern Ireland: Flag issue turmoil illustrates failure of the 'peace process' Trade unions must offer a clear cross-community, anti-sectarian cla... [MORE]

Universities: the haves and have-nots September 30, 2012
Universities: the haves and the have-nots By Jason Toynbee, Open University lecturer and member of the University and College Union (UCU), ... [MORE]

A political earthquake in Greece May 07, 2012
A political earthquake in Greece The Socialist Party is a part of an international socialist organisation called the Committee for a Workers' Int... [MORE]

Socialism and Marxism - Answering Common Questions February 01, 2012
Marxism and Socialism - Answering Common Questions Capitalism is in crisis. That is evident by turning on the TV and watching the news – an... [MORE]

Reject the pensions 'deal' - stay united - fight until we win! December 26, 2011
N30: millions of public sector workers went on strike on 30 November 2011, photo Senan (Click to enlarge) Reject the pensions 'deal' ... [MORE]

30 November shows... We can win! December 06, 2011
30 November shows... We can win! TUC must set the date: next united strike before 31 January Extract of the speech given by John McInally, PCS civ... [MORE]

Capitalism is crisis - there is an alternative - fight for socialism! November 27, 2011
Capitalism is crisis - there is an alternative - fight for socialism! Peter Taaffe, general secretary, Socialist Party (CWI England and Wales) ... [MORE]

Make Maude choke on his coffee! November 14, 2011
Francis Maude, the arrogant millionaire Cabinet Office Minister has suggested we just take a ‘token’ 15-minute coffee-break on November ... [MORE]

Speeches from Socialism 2011 November 14, 2011
To watch viedos or to listen to audio files of the speeches from the rally at Socialism 2011 which took place on the evening of Saturday 5th No... [MORE]

West Midlands NSSN conference October 17, 2011
Around 30 trade unionists attended the West Midlands conference of the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) held in Birmingham on Saturday. It mark... [MORE]

We need a programme of action to fight back! September 13, 2011
When all they offer is cuts, unemployment and misery... ...we need a programme of action to fight back! Never before has it been more necessary fo... [MORE]

New Socialist Party Pamphlet - The Battle of Bexley Square September 12, 2011
Fighting the cuts & unemployment in the 1930s - Lessons for the anti-cuts movement today. New pamphlet from Salford Socialist Party The Salf... [MORE]

NSSN calls on TUC to open the floodgates of mass action September 12, 2011
NSSN calls on TUC to open the floodgates of mass action Kevin Parslow, Assistant Secretary, NSSN 11 September 2011 was the day the role ... [MORE]

Con-Dems to blame for anger of youth - Mass, trade union-led response needed August 12, 2011
Posted on 12 August 2011 at 19:16 GMT Riot police in Hackney, August 2011, photo Paul Mattsson (Click to enlarge) Con-Dems to blam... [MORE]

Capitalist leaders desperate to calm turmoil August 11, 2011
Capitalist leaders desperate to calm turmoil From, 09/08/2011 website of the committee for a workers' international, CWI T... [MORE]

As inner cities erupt - A mass workers' movement is needed to defeat the government August 11, 2011
As inner cities erupt - A mass workers' movement is needed to defeat the government Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary "The sc... [MORE]

TUC must call action ... Unite against all cuts! August 03, 2011
From The Socialist newspaper, 3 August 2011 Southampton council workers marching against cuts, photo Southampton SP (Click to enlarge) ... [MORE]

Norway massacre and the English Defence League July 27, 2011
Norway massacre and the English Defence League Naomi Byron Massive demonstrations of defiance and mourning in Norway show that Anders Breivik's ... [MORE]

Right-wing terrorist kills 76 at youth camp. How should the labour movement respond? July 25, 2011
Norway: Right-wing terrorist kills 76 at youth camp How should the labour movement respond? Per-Åke Westerlund, Rättvisepartiet So... [MORE]

Legal Aid Bill - Access to justice is under attack July 20, 2011
By Paul Heron, legal aid solicitor and Hackney Socialist Party For those of us working in legal aid, the initial government Green Paper - Proposa... [MORE]

Get rid of Cameron, Murdoch and all they represent July 20, 2011
Get rid of Cameron, Murdoch and all they represent Cameron and the ConDem cuts, detail from cartoon by Suz, Socialism Today 137, April 2010 (... [MORE]

Take over Murdoch's press! July 11, 2011
Take over Murdoch's press! Nationalise the media to allow full and democratic freedom of discussion and decision-making News Inter... [MORE]

News of the World phone hacking scandal July 07, 2011
We demand a full and independent inquiry, involving workers' representatives, into the links between media moguls and the capitalist state Philip S... [MORE]

Labour Party - condemned for condemning strike July 07, 2011
"The Labour Party died on Thursday." This was how one letter to the Guardian on 1 July, the day after the biggest strike action in decades, summed u... [MORE]

Who speaks up for workers? June 29, 2011
Who speaks up for workers? Next steps for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition TUSC Against Cuts (Click to enlarge) The battle to... [MORE]

As the cuts bite, millions ask: 'Does it have to be like this?' June 22, 2011
Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary Photo Paul Mattsson (Click to enlarge) "The protesters in Athens can riot all they want,... [MORE]

Con-Dems pension attack - brutal class warfare must be fought June 18, 2011
Con-Dems pension attack - brutal class warfare must be fought! John McInally, national vice-president PCS, personal capacity HMRC PCS member... [MORE]

Crisis in our care homes! June 16, 2011
  Here we reporduce a letter sent to the local media by former Socialist Party councillor Rob Windsor about the current crisis in the care s... [MORE]

NSSN Conference Report June 13, 2011
NSSN conference - serious and inspiring preparation for the battles to come Linda Taaffe, NSSN secretary National Shop Stewards Network conf... [MORE]

Coventry trade unionists respond to Vince Cable June 07, 2011
Cable issues threat to trade union movement Trade unionists in Coventry have reacted angrily to a speech from Business Secretary Vince Cable. Spe... [MORE]

A glimpse at Fat Cat Britain May 16, 2011
A glimpse at Fat Cat Britain A report has just been released by the High Pay Commission which shows that whilst the majority of ordinary people in ... [MORE]

Government Con-Demned at ballot box May 09, 2011
Government Con-Demned at ballot box Below is an article from our national website   The general election of May 20... [MORE]

Socialists and the AV referendum - no to AV, yes to PR! April 29, 2011
We post this article from our weekly newspaper 'the Socialist' as a contribution to the debate over AV and Proportional Representation. The Alterna... [MORE]

Who should Coventry council workers vote for? April 25, 2011
Who should Coventry council workers vote for in the 2011 local elections? By a council worker and Unison shop steward This year’s local el... [MORE]

Report of Coventry Labour Party anti cuts meeting April 13, 2011
      Report from Labour Party anti cuts rally The night before the massive TUC ‘March for the Alternative’, Cove... [MORE]

Fight the cuts with TUSC: more than just a 'protest vote' April 08, 2011
By Clive Heemskerk Launching Labour's campaign for the English local elections last week Ed Miliband argued that families will lose an average of &... [MORE]

TUC demonstration biggest in decades March 28, 2011
On 26 March 2011 the British working class rose from its knees and took to the streets in an immense show of strength. The massive TUC demonstration... [MORE]

A reply to comments made by members of the Labour & Green Parties in Coventry March 14, 2011
The real history of the Socialist Party - A reply to comments made by members of the Labour & Green Parties in Coventry  We have posted he... [MORE]

Hutton's plans mean savage cuts - Fight to defend your pension! March 11, 2011
Martin Powell-Davies, a Socialist Party member and executive committee member of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), explains what Hutton's propos... [MORE]

RMT secures major court victory on right to strike March 05, 2011
Transport union RMT have secured a major victory in the Court of Appeal over UK strike laws that will pave the way for millions to take action ... [MORE]

Cuts councillors must be challenged February 24, 2011
Lobby of Coventry City council February 2011 Barclays Bank made £11.6 billion in profits in 2009, and paid just 1% of that - £113 mil... [MORE]

Labour councillors' arguments refuted at People's Convention February 19, 2011
At the People's Convention on 12 February, organised by the Right to Work campaign and the Labour Representation Committee, there was a debate on ho... [MORE]

Reject 'TINA'- fight for socialism February 16, 2011
The pages of our newspaper, the Socialist, are bulging with reports from workers, young people and other service users who are organising to fight t... [MORE]

Fight the cuts - whoever makes them February 11, 2011
The massive 27% cut in central government funding to local authorities is having devastating consequences. Manchester city council, for example, has... [MORE]

No to the racist EDL - Unite to fight the cuts! February 03, 2011
A GROUP of people sit chatting and eating in a fast food restaurant; men, women, children. Out of the blue, bricks start hitting the windows, hundre... [MORE]

Britain facing a savage economic ice age February 02, 2011
Dip reflects the fragility of British capitalism’s ‘recovery’ Lynn Walsh, Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales) “Di... [MORE]

Warning: ConDem NHS 'reforms' can seriously damage your health February 01, 2011
'EQUITY AND Excellence: Liberating the NHS'... so benevolently named is the government's car crash of a health bill which is going through parliamen... [MORE]

Egypt: Mass revolt forces Mubarak regime to the brink January 31, 2011
From, website of the committee for a workers' international, CWI Hundreds of thousands remain on streets defying repressio... [MORE]

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) Conference Report January 27, 2011
'We need hundreds of challenges to job-cutting, services-axing councillors' The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) conference on 22 Janu... [MORE]

NSSN anti-cuts campaign launched January 23, 2011
  Alex Gordon (President of the RMT) addressing the NSSN anti-cuts conference Nearly 600 people, mostly workers with elected positions in tra... [MORE]

When is fighting all cuts not fighting all cuts? January 21, 2011
Coventry Socialist Party has worked hard to help build the Coventry against Cuts campaign. The campaign has organised public meetings including one ... [MORE]

MPs' expenses scam continues: for workers' MPs on a worker's wage January 19, 2011
ON 7 January 2011 the former Labour MP for Bury North, David Chaytor, was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court to 18 months' imprisonment for 'false a... [MORE]

Student receives draconian sentence: Defend the right to demonstrate January 14, 2011
Edward Woollard, the student protester who has admitted dropping a fire extinguisher from the roof of the Tory Party HQ on 10 November 2010, has thi... [MORE]

Bankers get billions - We get cuts! Time to fight back! January 12, 2011
FOR GREEDY, self-serving banking industry bosses, failure is rewarded by fat pay-offs and lavish pensions. Their 'success' attracts the level of bon... [MORE]

NSSN debate - The way forward for the anti-cuts movement January 11, 2011
One issue dominates all others for the workers' movement now and for the foreseeable future - how to defeat the avalanche of cuts and tax rises that... [MORE]

Trade unions must fight for agency workers' rights January 06, 2011
There could be as many as 1.3 million agency workers in Britain supplied by 17,000 agencies in the almost £20 billion a year 'recruitment indu... [MORE]

English Defence League - racism, violence and division January 03, 2011
How to fight the far right? Steve Score, Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales); first published in the November 2010 edition of Socialism Today... [MORE]

2011 - A year of sharpening struggle January 01, 2011
2010 - The most tumultuous year for two decades Peter Taaffe, general secretary of the Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales) Peter Taaffe, Gen... [MORE]

Vendetta against Tommy Sheridan results in "guilty" verdict December 23, 2010
Statement from Socialist Party Scotland “I have fought the power of News International all my political life and I make no apologies for ... [MORE]

National Shop Stewards Network - All-Britain Anti-Cuts Campaign to be launched December 10, 2010
National Shop Stewards Network All-Britain Anti-Cuts Campaign to be launched Just as the student movement reaches Day X, the National Shop Steward... [MORE]

The fight goes on against fees and cuts December 09, 2010
AN UPRISING has occurred of school, college and university students, fighting for their futures. The trigger has been the trebling of tuition fees, ... [MORE]

Coalition of Resistance Conference Report December 03, 2010
How can an anti-cuts movement be built? EIGHT HUNDRED people came to London to fill the main hall of the Camden Centre, and a smaller overflow meet... [MORE]

Unity - but not unity of the graveyard December 01, 2010
On 27 November 100,000 workers took to the streets in Ireland in a gigantic show of opposition to the cuts raining down on them. Here too, the anti... [MORE]

10 November Students Protests - Just the Beginning November 24, 2010
Just the beginning 50,000-strong student march an example to workers’ movement Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales) ge... [MORE]

We need councillors who will fight the cuts! November 19, 2010
The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition launches its campaign for the 2011 local elections "These cuts will hurt", warned the Tory chair of the ... [MORE]

The general strike: Important tool of the working class October 14, 2010
All across Europe workers and young people face the austerity axe. And all across Europe there is a fight to defend jobs and services against govern... [MORE]

Decisive action can defeat this government September 15, 2010
The very successful lobby of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in Manchester, organised by the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN), points the way f... [MORE]

Con-Dem cuts mean: We need 'biggest movement since poll tax' August 05, 2010
The Trades Union Congress (TUC), meeting this year in Manchester, needs to hear clearly from ordinary trade unionists and activists that the time ha... [MORE]

Warning: NHS under attack: Organise action to fight all cuts July 21, 2010
THIS CABINET of millionaires plans to sound the death knell for the NHS. Tory health secretary Andrew Lansley said his proposals would bring 'power ... [MORE]

Reject these brutal cuts June 09, 2010
Build for a national trade union-led demo 'There is no alternative to pain'. This is the deafening drumbeat of the capitalist politicians and media... [MORE]

Con-Dem-ned to cuts...Time for the fight of our lives May 17, 2010
BRITAIN HAS been 'Con Dem-ned' to a future of savage attacks on public services, pay, pensions and benefits combined with tax increases for workin... [MORE]

Electoral Deadlock: All capitalist parties 'losers' May 09, 2010
Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary   In the issue of The Socialist immediately before the general election, we wrote: "The... [MORE]

Heading for a coalition government? April 24, 2010
Peter Taaffe, general secretary of the Socialist Party, discusses the options facing the capitalists and their parties following the 6 May ge... [MORE]

Voters face 'slash and burn' policies whoever wins election April 20, 2010
This is the first general election for eighteen years where the outcome is impossible to predict. Yet, far from being gripped by the drama, millio... [MORE]

The real lessons of the Poll Tax April 13, 2010
This article by councillor Rob Windsor appeared in a recent issue of the Socialist Newspaper. The centre page article about the massive a... [MORE]

High court RMT strike ruling an attack on democracy April 05, 2010
Militant union leaders, including Bob Crow, are building general election challenge to 'big business' parties & their anti-union laws as the T... [MORE]

Michael Foot - the end of an era March 11, 2010
Many "Old Labour" workers and socialists will be saddened at the death of Michael Foot and will see it as signifying the death of an era. Peter... [MORE]

100th anniversary of International Women's Day March 08, 2010
Women will be at the fore in the fightback!   At the turn of the century some feminists celebrated a 'genderquake', the idea that women... [MORE]

The great anti-poll tax victory March 04, 2010
How 18 million people brought down Thatcher The majority of trade union leaders are completely unprepared to meet the onslaught on jobs and pub... [MORE]

Revisiting The Road to Wigan Pier February 26, 2010
George Orwell was perhaps the best known of the English socialist writers of the 1930s and 1940s. He is justifiably famous for books like 'Homage ... [MORE]

How to stop cuts and defend public services February 25, 2010
Nationally civil servants are facing an attack by the government on their 'compensation scheme' - their redundancy rights. This is part of the pre... [MORE]

Trade unions in Britain - are they ready for the coming battles? February 18, 2010
Recently, chancellor Alistair Darling said that halving the Government's deficit in four years was 'non-negotiable'. He claimed that health, e... [MORE]

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition - Important step towards a new workers' party February 04, 2010
Clive Heemskerk reports on developments around the recently launched Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. THE DECISION to establish the Trad... [MORE]

Islam4UK, Wootton Bassett and the ‘war on terror’: Who benefits from the politics of provocation? January 22, 2010
Ten Years of the War on Terror Introduction As we enter the tenth year of US/British occupation of Afghanistan, it is fitting to remin... [MORE]

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